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PIR Motion Sensor Detector Light Switch Infrared 360° Adjustable Wall Mount 110V-240V for Lighting

Item # : 1667
Stock :  Yes
Price LKR 2,850.00     
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Product Description, Features and Technical Details :

Product Description:
Technical Details:

  • Operating Voltage: 90-250 Volts
  • Max Load: 1500W
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H): ?15.5 x 8.5 x 5cm
  • Item Weight: ?222g
  • Adjustable Knob: 360° can be rotated, up and down 180° can be adjusted.
  • Detection Angle: 160°
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polycarbonate
  • International Protection Rating: IP65
  • Use For: Outdoor And Indoor
  • LUX Adjustment : 10-2000Lux
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: 2-12 meters
  • Time Adjustment: 5Sec - 10Min

About this item:
?Easy to install--plastic material, small and light, easy to use

? MOTION SENSING TECHNOLOGY--Our body motion sensor light switch is adopts infrared body motion induction technology, which can achieve intelligent control and energy saving.

? ADJUSTABLE--Detection distance, ambient light and delay time are adjustable according to your actual demand.

? UNIQUE DESIGN--concise appearance design, with stable performance.

What is a human body sensor head?
This switch is a high-tech intelligent product. It uses the PIR sensor to detect the infrared principle of the human body. When the pedestrian enters the detection range, it automatically turns on the load (start switch).

How is it used?
As long as the pedestrian does not leave the detection range and is active, the load can be automatically delayed when the work continues to leave.

Is there anything that needs attention?
It is forbidden to use multiple lamps in series or in parallel. It is forbidden to be installed in a wet bathroom and bath room. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature airflow to avoid damage to electronic functions or affect the use effect.

Fresnel lens :

There are two effects of using Fresnel lens: one is focusing, that is, the infrared signal is refracted (reflected) on the probe, and the second action divides the detection area into several bright and dark areas, so that the detection area is entered. The moving object can change the thermal infrared signal on the probe in the form of temperature change to control the switch on and off. The shell material is made of PC with high flame retardancy, impact resistance , no deformation and no discoloration.

Humanized light control settings:
Adopting humanized 6LX lumen design, the daylight control device makes the light not bright, and only needs people to pass at night, the light will automatically light up.

Induction head universal connection:
The sensor head can be adjusted up and down and left and right (up and down 90 degrees, left and right 160 degrees)

Pyroelectric infrared sensor
The sensor uses the pyroelectric material to detect infrared radiation in response to temperature changes, and uses a dual-sensitivity complementary method to suppress temperature variation interference and improve the working stability of the sensor.

10A relay output

A relay is an electronic control device that is commonly used in automatic control. It is actually an automatic switch that uses a small current to control large currents.

Protection level IP65
Prevent splashing water from intruding to prevent rain in all directions from flying into the fixture and causing damage

SMT patch process
A technology and process that is used more and more stable in the electronics industry, with high automation performance, small size and reliability of electronic products, strong seismic resistance, and reduced electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Multi-dimensional can be set
Inductive distance is adjustable Adjustable delay time Adjustable during the day or night.

Convenient and Consumption Saving
This infrared motion sensor can be used to control LED light, bulb, exhaust fan and other electric appliance, it allows you to adjust the detection distance, ambient light and delay time,very convenient to use and consumption saving.

Ceiling or wall mounted, suitable for corridor, hallway, garage, patio, toilet and anywhere needed. Waterproof and weather proof, also suitable for outdoor use.

Operation button description:

SENS: Knob 2-12 meters to adjust the sensing distance, increasing clockwise. To get closer, adjust the angle of the sensor head.

TIME: The knob is used to adjust the time from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. When people are active in the sensing area, the power will continue to extend the time.

LUX: Knob adjusts light perception. Turn it clockwise to the end for all-weather sensing, and turn it counterclockwise to the end for sensing in a dark environment.

Package Include:
1 x PIR Infrared Motion Sensor

PIR Motion Sensor Detector Light Switch Infrared 360° Adjustable 110V-240V

Price LKR: 2,850.00         Item # : 1667

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