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High Power Multifunction Car Powerful Wet/Dry vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description, Features and Technical Details :

Product Details:
Product size : 20 * 20 * 23 cm
Product single heavy : 1100 g
Product accessories : hose a root, standard suction a, the duck mouth pipette a, brush a, inflatable mouth a.
Product material : ABS
Packing : color box packaging
The technical parameters : input voltage: dc 12 v cigarette lighter input, not used for other voltage such as truck 24 v cigarette lighter.
Work power : 120 w
The maximum current : 8 a
Supreme suction : 42 cm high water
Wire length : about 3 meters
Hose length : about 1 meter
The maximum noise : less than 72 decibels (due to large power, the voice wants relatively larger)
The shell material : ABS

Product features :

1. Large capacity of the fuselage and multi-usage, Clean convenient.
2. Suction is strong, general interior of scraps, small trash, the dust has no object; Air power, rechargeable all kinds of toys and air bed, but not imitation automobile tire.
3. All English color packing, private, send people are appropriate.
4. Three meters long cigarette lighter, connecting enough to cover the vehicle's internal dust at any position.
5. Product to meet European ROHS instruction, through the CE certification.
6. Can also be applied to absorb water, dry wet amphibious cleaner.

Directions for use :

1. Remove cigarette plug, plug directly in the automobile cigar lighter inside.
2. The machine will be open to switch ON position, it will begin to dust or air. Hose to the edge of the suction hole for dust collection state, hose connected to the middle hole charge for air condition.
3. If you need to suck small area or concentrated suction in more difficult to suck the dirt, the duck mouth tube set into the machine front end can.
4. After using on the edge of the open three metal buckle, open cover, cleaning the suction content and filter.

Note :
1, When using filter must mount.
2, Not in direct sunlight, the high temperature high pressure place.
3, Don't use gasoline or volatile strong detergent wipe ontology.
4, Motor rotation before shell never take out.
5, This product is not a toy, please do not let children play alone, in order to avoid has the danger.

Price LKR: 1900.00    

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